This summer Professor Freeman taught Sociological Poetry on the porch of Eureka Hall at the School of the Alternative, on the site of the former Black Mountain College in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. More here.

Professor Freeman will teach Introduction to Sociology and Gender Relations and Social Issues in a concrete utopia in Burnaby, B.C. in the Fall.

In fall 2016, Professor Freeman taught Introduction to Sociology to 306 terrific students on top of a mountain in British Columbia.

In fall 2015, Professor Freeman's Sociology of the City class created a Graphic Sociology Comic Book focused on Buffalo.  Download it here.

Classes taught and designed:

• Introduction to Sociology

• Classical Social Theory

• Contemporary Social Theory

• Qualitative Methods

• Sociology of the City

• Mass Media & Society

• Gender Relations and Social Issues

• Social Problems

• Social Issues and Policy Analysis

• Sociological Poetry

• Critical Tourism

• Atrocity Tourism

• Spaces of Memory

• The Utopian Imagination

• Senior Seminar